3. Bank Deposit Option

How To Make Deposit To Your Bet9ja Account : Easy Steps.there are different ways you can use to fund your bet9ja account.you can make deposit to your Bet9ja account with the various methods they have on their site.they have both online transfer means of deposit and also going to the bank to make payment.whichever you choose, your account will be credited within 24 hours provided you followed the procedure.

bet9ja makes use of their customer user id number to credit their account fast provided it is correct.so if you are funding your bet9ja account either using ATM, online transfer or via bank deposit, then you will have to specify your customer id which you will find at the top right upper side, close to your name.this makes the process fast and effective especially when using online transfer or bank deposit.as for gambling ATM Card payment online, your account will be credited immediate since You are using nigerian card.so here are the list of ways you can use to Fund Your Bet9ja Account.

They have three method through which you can credit your account which includes online bank transfer for those using internet banking, ATM Card online payment, Direct Bank Deposit through any of their bank branches.

How To Make Deposit To Your Bet9ja Account

1. online bank Transfer.

you can fund your bet9ja account using internet banking transfer.when you click on the deposit button on the site and scroll to instant transfer option where you will see the banks logo.click on any bank logo area, it will display an instruction on how to deposit through their internet banking platform.if you follow the instruction, your account will be funded almost immediately.

To do this, visit bet9ja login.enter your details and login to your account.

If you are using mobile phone, then click om cashier, if you are using computer/PC, then scroll to the top right corner, you will see MY ACCOUNT, click on it, a drop down will show up, scroll to where you will see deposit or cashier, click on it.there you will see the options to make deposit

2. ATM Card Online Payment.

They also have ATM Card payment online option which support most of the ATM Card in nigeria such as verve, master card, visa card etc.if you want to use this method, then click on the ATM Card Logo Area Option.when you do that, it will bring up the option to enter the amount you want to fund it with and click next button to proceed.from the next page, you can follow the process till you get to interswitch payment gateway where you will carry out final transaction and get credited immediately.with this method, you can fund your bet9ja account with ATM Card

3. Bank Deposit Option.

you can also fund bet9ja directly via bank deposit.they have the option called paydirect which requires you to go to the bank and make payment using the paydirect slip.you will tell the bank cashier to give you a paydirect slip which you will use to fund your bet9ja account by writing your customer user id Number as depositors name.

So make sure you write down your customer User id Number at where they wrote depositors name.no need writing your full name or user name there.they instructed it should be your Bet9ja User ID which you can get after you login to bet9ja site. it is located at the top right corner close to your name if you are making use of pc, while it is located at the top left corner if you are making use of bet9ja mobile

So write it down on a piece of paper and use it whenever you are funding via bank or online transfer.

Those are the various methods you can use to fund your bet9ja account without stress.

If you want to fund your account immediately without stress, then you can contact me to fund it for you.i make use of internet banking, so all i will need is your bet9ja User ID number only which i will use on my Funding Platform to credit your account within 10 minutes.this is how i do it for many punters who don’t want to wait for up to 2hours to fund their account.your bet9ja customer id number is located at the top, close to your name after you are logged into your account

That is what i need to Make deposit to your Bet9ja account and within 10 minutes, your account will be funded since via my online platform while you make payment using Any ATM Machine to transfer Or Pay Via Bank Deposit.I accept funding at minimum of #1000 and bet9ja above and charges 10 % percent for bet9ja the service but if you are funding below 2000, i charge #200.any thing above 200 will attract 10% percent charge.

this is because the online platform i make use of to fund your Bet9ja account will charge me also for each users.i can’t use my time and bet9ja data to render this service for free, so the 10 % percent charges is a token i charge for gambling the service which i believe its understandable

so if you are funding from #1000 – #2000, you will have to add #200 but if you are funding above 2000, it will attract 10 % percent charges.this is how other punters do use my service to make deposit.

minimum funding is from #1000 and maximum is #10000

this is the fastest way many punters do use to credit their account and i use their user ID to do the transactions.you see how effective it is because i don’t need your password, only your user ID is needed and your Full Name which will appear on my internet banking platform to know if you are the owner of the user ID. So most of the punters pay via atm transfer from any banks during working days and weekend since they want instant funding. contact me today and get your account funded within 10minutes. here is my contact written on the image below


Now You Can Make Payment With Your Mobile Phone Without Going To The Bank

this is made possible with the latest features introduced by gtbank.so if you are making use of gtbank, then you don’t need to make use of atm transfer or pay via bank deposit as you can make transfer to my account using your mobile phone by dialing the following codes as follows below

How To Fund Bet9ja Account Instantly

pick up your phone and dial the code to make transfer to my bank account as follows

to make transfer to gtbank account

dial *737*1*amount*bank account number#

E.g *737*1*1000*1234567890#

the account number should be the 10 digit Nuban Account number.most of us have that 10 digit account number, so that is what you will insert

when you dial the code and send, you will be asked to insert the last 4 digit number on your ATM Card, do that and complete the transfer.

But if you want to transfer to other bank account, then dial this code

*737*2*amount*bank account number#

it will take you to another screen where you will be asked to select the bank name, they only have few banks such as first bank, diamond bank, UBA, Access bank, so select the one available for the account you want to transfer money to

after that, you will see the name of the person you are transferring to, then continue, you will be asked to insert the last 4 digit number on your ATM Card as usual, sports betting do that and complete the transfer. This is a very easy way to fund your bet9ja account by transferring to my account while i make the deposit into your account as usual. Lots of punters are now making use of this and they can fund their account on the go, at midnight, monday-sunday. Anytime any day as you don’t have to go to the bank.

So if you want to make deposit to your bet9ja account instantly and stake on that games before it starts even at midnight, this is what you can use to get it done instantly. You can also use it to make transfer to friends, family, business clients as the information is useful not only for funding bet9ja.

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