5 Major Tips On How To Win Bet9ja [ Must Read

Hi everyone, its have been a while I have posted in this blog, I apologize, am back now and sports betting we are going to discuss on how to win bet9ja (and any other betting network out there) with some simple tricks, so get your mind off anything and get ready to read.

Bet9ja has come to stay in Nigeria, most people play, Some people are losing huge money every week while some smile to the bank. If you think it is impossible to win bet9ja or any other soccer bet, gambling think again.

Bet9ja is the leading soccer bet in Nigeria today with millions of people placing bets on their website every day. Bet9ja is a trusted company, because you get paid for any amount you win without delay. i can testify of this. they don’t delay payment.

If you are new to betting, there are some terminologies you have to know which am going to explain in details.


Odd is one of the terms used in bet9ja or any others soccer bet, it simply represents the price tag place for each team. it is written in number. if you are knowledgeable in this field you will understand the amount they represent.

For example: Chelsea vs Liverpool have this odd 2.30 and 3,50 respectively. if you place a bet and you choose Chelsea to win. whatever the amount you place on the bet, sports betting it will multiply it by 2.30 i.e 100 x 2.30 = 230.

Odd is very importance in betting, gambling the higher the odd, the higher the risk which lead to big money and higher impossibility to win. the lower the odd, bet9ja the higher possibility of winning and lower price.

The code is the number used to represent each match. it is very important to know the code of each game you want to bet. especially if you want the cashier to place your game. code is an identifier e.g Manu vs arsenal with a code of 3405. just know the code that is all. you can write a set of codes without writing the teams, take it to cashier. they will understand.


Don’t be too greedy when betting, for bet9ja you to win bet9ja you have to put your greed away, don’t expect to win big amount by staking lower amount, you stake N100 and u expect to win up to a million, Its partially impossible because you will target high odd which determine the amount which you may not win, so if you are expecting to win big amount, stake big amount.


If you want to be a winner when it comes to betting, you have to limit the number of games you carry. Carrying games above 15 determines your point of loosing, at least carry 10 games with good odd. Back days I often carry more than 10 games just to get high odd which I always lose, but now a days my games don’t usually pass 10.


Don’t always bet on a team base on the odd, try to check there last matches, latest lineups and much more. Imagine how crystal palace won Chelsea last season and this season too, so study statistics very well before you place a bet.

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