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There is a plethora of resources available for freelancers and small businesses, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right service. If you’re looking for quality logo design, then look no further than Fiverr.

I’m happy to say that there are many talented designers on this site that will provide you with the perfect logo at an affordable price!

The best part about these services? They come with unlimited revisions so if your designer doesn’t get it just right on their first try, they will do as many drafts as needed until you are satisfied!

You’ll also receive a transparent watermark in all files which lets clients know who created your masterpiece – another bonus of using Fiverr’s Logo Services.Best Logo Designer: Creating a website requires the total process of web development. Web developers use different programming languages to develop the app. With the help of these languages, the user can see features like editing, coloring, style, pictures, text effects, and illustrations.

Logo places a very important part in any business. A Logo is an integral part of the brand. The brand is remembered by the Logo. Hence, the design of the Logo should be simple, realistic, and memorable.

Fiverr is a marketplace that helps to connect the seller and buyer. It is a marketplace to find talented designers with attractive offers. Fiverr has a wide range of business services. It is very fast and cheap. It is very popular because of one of its services that is Logo Designing. There is a service on Fiverr that allows you to sell your product, the service is known as GIG. GIG is a very big opportunity to show your talent and skill to buyers, and the reason for them to think why should they do business with you.

Best 5 Logo Designer on Fiverr

There are so many web developers and web designers in Fiverr. Through this article, we are showing you the top 5 Fiverr developers and designers. The developers and designers are selected according to their experience and skills. The following are the top 5 best Logo Designer on Fiverr:

1. Lukes Designs:

Lukesdesigns is a professional interactive studio, graphic designer, and specialist of business branding on Fiverr for the past 7 years. They are from Melbourne, Australia, and is very about developing the business brand, keeping their values in mind.

In the career of 7 years, Lukedesigns had worked with over 2500 clients from 74 countries. They work with the file format of PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CRD, and AI.

Lukes designs give the high-resolution projects. They believe in making Logos in a way that attracts the customer at first sight. A Logo represents the symbol for your business. They make a very impressive Logo. Since the logo comes on each page of your website.

They have Designing experience in many fields like:

1. Finance

2. Sports

3. Real Estate

4. Construction

5. Medical

6. Accounting

7. Music

Lukedesigns works on the advanced professional level of proficiency with Mac, Final Cut Pro, PC, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many more.

Lukedesigns comes in the top seller list of Fiverr. The profile is top-rated with 4.9 stars by more than one thousand plus customers. They have excellent communication skills. The following are the reasons to choose them:

– With every purchase, aftercare is included.

– Any issue post-purchase can be encountered.

– 100% Custom Logo

– Committed to what they say

– Give perfect results.

– Print quality is maximum: 300 dpi files.

– They give the initial concept within 5 days.

If you want your website to best without any scratch, then Lukedesigns is the best option.

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2. Shailene George

Shailene_george is a Fiverr top-rated Logo designer from Pakistan since June 2016. They are a team of five highly-qualified Graphics Designer. They provide unique designs with lifetime free service. The customer’s satisfaction is their top priority. They have good communication skills with the command of English and Urdu languages.

The style of Shailene_george is very versatile and supports the file format of AI, SVG, PNG, PDF, and JPG.

Shailene_george provides high-end professional business design. They create designs with premium quality. Shailene George is top-rated on Fiverr with 4.9 stars with more than one thousand customer reviews. They provide Logo transparency with a 3D mock-up.

Shailene_george works on creating simple and very effective designs. The whole team of five members is highly-skilled and very creative. The following are the reasons to choose them:

– You can get a combination of experience and creativity here.

– They have designs of TOP NOTCH quality.

– They provide the complete guide of the brand.

– Gives 100% satisfaction

– Provides very fast support

– High resolution

Shailene_george is one of the top-rated options on the Fiverr.

3. Gigblast

Gigblast is a one-stop destination for the graphic designing of your online business. It is a team of more than 100 professional and skilled designers. Gigblast is an Indian team for the last 7 years.

Gigblast is a high-end professional designer. It is the top-rated on Fiverr with a rating of 4.9 stars and over one thousand reviews. They provide Logo with full transparency and high resolution.

– Gigblast has 130K plus happy customers.

– They provide memorable designs.

– They complete the design in very little time.

– The main aim of the gig is to make their customer satisfied and happy.

– Gigblast provides three different packages according to customer’s requirement.

– Standard Package

– Premium Package

– Basic Package

Gigblast is a very popular and top-rated option on the Fiverr. Just try it once.

4. Liv2design

Liv2design is a Logo & Graphics Designer of Pakistan on Fiverr, since Sep 2020. It is one of the top-rated companies with 4.9 stars and over 200 reviews in a very short time. Liv2design provides new and unique Logo designs at an affordable price.

What do they offer?

Liv2design offers so many things. They are very popular due to the following offers:

– They provide Logo concept according to different packages.

– Transparent background of high-quality PNG files.

– JPG files of high-quality.

– They provide business card designs.

– A Kit for social media is also provided.

Why choose them?

The following are the reasons to choose Liv2design:

– 24×7 customer care services.

– Quality assurance

– Experts of English Language

– Express delivery

– Customer satisfaction

5. Bossdeisgners

– India based company since July 2015, bossdesigner is a very popular graphics design company. They have a top rating of 4.8 stars over 10K reviews.

What do they offer?

Liv2design provides creative Logos at an affordable price. They provide the Logo with full transparency and high resolution.

Why choose them?

The following are the reasons to choose the Liv2design:

– Affordable price

– No cheap services.

– Different packages according to customer’s requirement.

Through this article, we have discussed the top 5 best logo designers on Fiverr. We hope this article helped you find the best one, share it with others.

The Fiverr logo services we recommend can help you create a strong brand. Whether your company is just starting out or has been around for decades, it’s important to invest in professional branding materials that will set you apart from the competition and generate more sales.

We hope this roundup of our favorite logo design services on Fiverr helps get you started with creating a new logo, marketing material, etc.

If there are any other questions about these logos or how they work please contact us!

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