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Bet9ja is perhaps the most popular sports betting company in Nigeria. It provides many benefits, promos, and products for the customers. With around 30 markets, it caters to most sports bettors in the country. It is a private Nigerian organization in that it operates only on Nigerian currency Naira, and sports betting registration is only possible for Nigerian residents.

It holds all the major licenses in Nigeria including the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), and has permission to operate anywhere in Nigeria where betting is allowed. As Bet9ja is a popular bookmaker, more and more customers are coming forward to register and create an account for themselves so that they can bet regularly on their favourite games. Here, let’ see the procedures of registering a Bet9ja account and logging in, besides other aspects related to having a Bet9ja account.

How to open Bet9ja account for yourself

Opening an account on Bet9ja is one of the simple things you can do online in a few quick steps. Let’s see how it is done step by step.

Step 1. To create Bet9ja account, first go to the registration page by clicking the ‘Register’ button near the login button at the top right corner on the official website of Bet9ja.

Step 2. You will be taken to the registration page labelled as ‘Open account.’ Fill in your personal information such as the e-mail address, first name, last name, and bet9ja your date of birth in the specific boxes provided.

Step 3. Below the boxes, there is another box to enter a promotional code if you have any. This box is optional.

Step 4. Click the ‘Continue’ button, and you will be taken to the next page of the Bet9ja sign up process.

Step 5: The first box here is for Username. Fill in the username in the box. It can only contain letters and sports betting symbols.

Step 6. After personal details, fill in the Password box. Enter a strong password consisting of letters, numerals, and symbols.

Step 7. In the next box marked ‘State,’ select your state in Nigeria from the drop-down menu. Any resident outside Nigeria is ineligible as the menu gives you only locations inside Nigeria.

Step 8. The next box is your mobile number. There are two boxes, one for the code, and the other for the phone number itself. Make sure both numbers are filled.

Step 9. Now click the ‘Create my account’ button. By clicking it, you will agree to the Bet9ja terms and sports betting conditions, that you are legally 18 years of age or more, and also that you are aware of the Bet9ja’s responsible gaming policy.

Following the above steps, you may receive an email with a confirmation link to activate your registration and account creation. If you are on the page of shop Bet9ja register button provided at the top left corner can take you to the main registration page.

How to do Bet9ja mobile registration

Instead of the Bet9ja online registration using the Bet9ja website, you may create the account by registering on your mobile phone, too. For that, you have to download the mobile app from the promo page of the Bet9ja website. After downloading the app, you can install it by providing any relevant information asked. Alternatively, there is also a mobile website, i.e., the website that you see displayed on your mobile when you access it on your mobile browser, which also provides you with the ‘Register’ button. Clicking the button also will take you to the same registration page as above. The rest of the steps to register Bet9ja account are the same.

Shop Bet9ja registration

At shop Bet9ja com, registration is indirect. At the website, shop Bet9ja com ‘Register’ button is provided at the top left corner of the page. When you click the link, you will go to the main registration page again. You may give the details in a similar way mentioned above in the main registration procedure to create your account. In other words, there is no exclusive registration for the Bet9ja shop. The shop Bet9ja com login details are the same login details you get as a result of the registration. Thus, at the Bet9ja shop registering is not usually done. Instead, you can check the events and their odds and also book a bet if required.

There is an attractive bonus Bet9ja offers to the new members at the time of registration and creating a new account. It is a 100% match bonus that you get on your first deposit. The bonus can be up to 100,000 NGN. Once you get the bonus, there is a 30-day validity to claim it. Until then, it remains in your bankroll. You have to use the amount for betting on events with odds of 3.0 or higher. You can only withdraw the bonus win after 10x rollover, i.e., when you pay 10 times your bonus amount on betting. You cannot claim any money unless you spend the stipulated amount for betting on your favourite league or any other sport. After becoming a member, betting may be done directly or through an alternative channel such as a VSagent.

Different ways for Bet9ja account login

Once you have registered on the Bet9ja website and created an account, the same credentials can be used to login to Bet9ja account on any platform. The different ways of Bet9ja login are through the web Bet9ja login page, through the mobile device Bet9ja app, and also through the Bet9ja web login page for the mobile phone.

Bet9ja com login. If you go to the main website of Bet9ja, you can directly login by entering the login username and password in the specified boxes at the top right corner of the page. It is the most common method of login Bet9ja service provides.

Bet9ja mobile app login. Another mode to login Bet9ja account is via your mobile app. If you have downloaded and installed the Bet9ja app on your mobile device, you can access all Bet9ja betting services on the app. In fact, you don’t need to log in to the account every time on the app. At the time of installation, if you have provided your details and logged in once at the sign up, then it always remains in the logged-in state unless you close it. Other than sports betting, gambling there is a separate app for Bet9ja casino for those who are interested in casino gambling. If interested in casino, you may download the casino app separately and install it on your device.

Bet9ja mobile web page. The mobile web page is neither the mobile app not the usual web page you access using your PC or laptop. It is the mobile version of the Bet9ja web page, i.e., the webpage version made compatible with the web browsers on your mobile. Sometimes, you can even access a corresponding page on the PC too. There is an old Bet9ja login page, too, that you can access online. This page is sometimes helpful when you cannot access the new page due to an error or the slowness of your internet connection. The Bet9ja old login page format is a simple one with a plain layout and icons for all normal functions easily accessible from a single page. Due to the simple design, the page loads faster indeed. It is a very convenient alternative in many ways.


Can I change the username of my Bet9ja account?

What is the minimum age to open an account with Bet9ja?

Where can I get the complete information on bonuses and promos?

Bet9ja is a continually growing bookmaker in Nigeria. More and gambling more people are coming forward daily to create their new accounts with Bet9ja. Bet9ja provides multiple channels through which one can register an account in a few simple and straightforward steps. There are different convenient ways to log in and use the betting service.

The 100% welcome bonus is the major attraction for those who register a new account with Bet9ja. Offering multiple channels and convenient methods to use the betting service has always been a strategy of Bet9ja that has never gone wrong. It has always helped create more happy customers, which in turn has boosted its business, too.

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