Double Chance Betting Tips

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Check above for our latest Double Chance betting tips and read on for more information on how best to utilise this particular market including which bookmakers to use, which lines to bet on and plenty more.

What is a double chance bet?

What does Double Chance mean? In football betting there are three outcomes you can bet on in a ‘home win’, ‘draw’ or ‘away win’. Double chance, therefore, means the punter can cover two of those three options to increase their chances of winning the bet.

Unlike some of the other bets you can place, double chance wagers are one of the easiest to understand. There are three options which you can choose from:

Home win or Draw

Away win or Draw

Home win or Away win

Say you have chosen ‘Home win or draw’. For you to win your bet you will need the match result to either end in the home team winning the game or the game ending in a draw – making the only way this bet would lose is if the away team won the game.

The idea of the bet is to shorten the risk of losing and can be used as a way to eliminate the chance of a pesky late equaliser from ruining your bet. Alternatively, if you do not feel the game will end in a draw but cannot decide between a winner then this could offer you a great option.

As is the case with many other bets, you can add multiple selections together to create an accumulator which could help you boost those lowered odds. Alternatively, you could add a Double Chance selection to your standard result accumulator if there is a game which you are just not quite certain on.

What is the best double chance betting strategy?

If you are considering a Double Chance wager then it is worth considering a few different factors. There are certain elements which could have a huge effect on whether placing a Double Chance bet makes sense or whether backing a single outcome would be better.

It is also worth looking at previous results between the two sides and their results in general. There can be cases where one of the sides are the favourites to win the game outright, however, they may be suspectable to allowing their leads to slip and end up drawing games.

However, there are other variables to consider before placing your bet. So, let’s take a look at what questions a successful Double Chance punter may ask before placing their bets.

Look at both teams’ form?

When choosing to back a Double Chance bet it is worth looking at the league table(s) of the two sides in which you are betting on. This could prove important in helping you select your wager by looking at the number of wins, draws and losses the two sides have.

Are they coming into the game on a huge losing streak? If so then a bet may not be the best option in this case, but if they have drawn a lot of games then it would certainly prove a sensible bet to make.

What is the head-to-head form?

It might also be worth checking what recent head-to-head results between the two teams have looked like. Although one team may be in much better form than their opponents, there may be a clash of styles that suits the underdog better. In addition, there are some cases where teams have ‘bogey teams’ which will often see that specific side struggle against a certain opponent regardless of form and league position.

Who’s playing? Who’s injured?

If you can wait until the last hour before kick-off, you’ll be able to find out exactly who is in each squad, but if you’re not willing to hold off until quite so late you can usually find the team news right here on Squawka to find out which players are injured and suspended for upcoming fixtures.

Why is this important? Well, if one of the sides is massively affected by injuries then this could have an effect on them going into the game regardless of their recent form. Even if one of the sides are missing one player, if that specific team is heavily reliant on the individual then it could impact the outcome of the game.

What is the scenario?

In some cases, often later in the season, there can be scenarios which may have effect on the way you bet. If one of the teams in your selection does not necessarily need to win the game to achieve their goals then Double Chance betting could offer a great alternative.

You may not have full confidence in that side to win the game despite them being the favourites to do so, however, you may feel there is no way they would lose the game which would mean a Double Chance bet could prove the perfect option.

Double Chance Betting vs Two Separate Bets?

If you were to spread your wager and cover the two Double Chance outcomes with two single bets, then often is the case one of those outcomes will provide a much lower pay out than the just backing the Double Chance bet.

On some occasions one of the outcomes will pay out more than the Double Chance wager, however, you are then running the risk of backing the side with the longer odds and therefore less likely of the outcomes to occur.

Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting

The odds for Double Chance betting are often significantly lower than betting on one of the outcomes separately. As a result of the increased chances of winning the specific bet, the odds unfortunately slide the other way making your pay out lower.

If one of the two sides are an out-and-out favourite to win the game then Double Chance betting may not be the best option as the odds will leave you with very little chance of making a meanwhile profit as the already short odds will be made even shorter with the Double Chance option.

What bookmakers offer double chance bets?

Every bookmaker worth their salt will offer odds in this ever-popular market, but there are other things to consider rather than just whichever bookmaker is most popular. For example, who offers the best odds, which have the easiest apps and websites to use for Double Chance betting and do they offer any price boosts and special offers in your selected market? Here are a few of our favourite Double Chance bookmakers:


Sky Bet

Paddy Power



William Hill


Are there any similar markets to double chance betting?

Yes! There is a similar market to Double Chance in the form of ‘Draw No Bet’. This is similar to Double Chance betting as it acknowledges more than just one outcome. Also known as Handicap (0) betting, Draw No Bet allows you to choose one of the two teams to win the game. However, if the game ends in a draw then the bet will be voided and you will receive your stake back in full.

Handicap betting will also allow you to provide more security on your chosen side if you do not have full confidence in them to win the game. Handicap bets allow you to plus or minus goals from the score line. In this case, if you are not totally confident in your chosen team, you can simply add a selected number of goals to their name which will give you an increased chance of winning your bet.

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