Guide: How To Register Bet9ja And Super9ja?

Guide:How to register Bet9ja and Super9ja? |

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When you register for Bet9ja you need to fill in the registration form. 9jabet passed by the registration process and hand over you the experience. No matter you open bet9ja on your mobile phone or on desktop device. Follow the guide, and the registration process will be easy for you. Read the updated guide which answer your questions. how to register Bet9ja, the guide for nigerian bettors. Here you get the step-by-step illustrations and detailed information what you need to have prepared in advance the registration process.

What documents do you need to register bet9ja and how to fill in the registration form?

9jabet will guide you thru the registration process and explain you what documents and information you need to have prepared before the registration start. And learn how to win the bonus from the registration. We have done the registration by ourselves recently. Therefore we deliver up-to-date information.

The first step is to decide whether you register on your mobile phone or computer. The account is of course valid regardless of which device you register with. Only the webpage design is different and the resolution you will work in. The information stored is the same. For detailed registration guide Bet9ja go on ! Before proceeding to the registration process, please have the following information and decide how you will deposit money to Bet9ja Nigeria. And in case you need it, setup how to withdraw money from Bet9ja.

After signing up, you can visit the page to learn how to use your account. Be aware that two accounts cannot have the same information. For example, a phone number. Therefore, bet9ja always try to have only one account in case of trouble, contact Bet9ja support, and restore the account. Do not forget you can play play Super9ja for free.

Bet9ja Nigeria can be played comfortably from your mobile phone if you download the mobile app for sports betting or the betting app in the Bet9ja casino.

1/ first name and last name – it is very important to give real details for later withdrawal by bank transfer

2/ the valid email address you will be using with Bet9ja – an email address is important if you forget your password and you must request a new email address at Bet9ja to get a new password from Bet9ja

3/ how you will deposit and withdraw money – here you can find available deposit and withdrawal methods for Bet9ja / deposit can be made online – 11 options, bank transfer or deposit, withdrawal can be done via longer, but safe deposit transaction /

4/ Bet9ja bonus – 100% bonus credit on first deposit, search fpr promotion code, or Deposit to NGN 100,000 and Bet9ja will deposit the same amount in your account as the Welcome Bonus

5/ date of birth

6/ change the user name you want to use – at least 6 characters long and 14 characters maximum

7/ password – choose a secure password with at least 8 characters, no spaces, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special character – password should not be a name or title, ideally choose a random sequence of characters

8/ you will fill in the state where you live

9/ mobile phone number – prefix + 234 plus 10 digits – if you specify a phone that is assigned to another account, the account cannot be created

Register on Bet9ja Nigeria on your computer or mobile phone, read detailed instructions.

You have your data ready, let’s register. Fill in the information here on the first screen. When you enter the data on the right side, bet9ja a green check mark appears. The entry is valid and accepted by the system. If you give a wrong entry, then you must correct the information. As soon as the first data is received, the system goes to the second screen. Fill in your username, password and other information here. In the picture you can see red text that indicates that the information was not filled in correctly.

Input all required infromation. The red text means the input text was not accepted.

Once you have filled in all the details correctly, please accept the terms and conditions of Bet9ja. Click on create account to create your account. The system will display the following screen.

You can also make your first deposit or sports betting continue on Bet9ja. Attention is only possible if you confirm your email address. If you choose to deposit, the system opens a new window where you can make a deposit to your account. Be careful when depositing the amount to make sure you get the entry bonus. Selecting BONUS in the menu on the left will give you more information. If you don’t make a deposit, you can close the window.

Confirmation email from Bet9ja

And that’s all. You have just opened a Bet9ja account. With this account you can bet on the premier league or play casino games. It all depends on your decision.

After logging in, you can change your password or change your account information.

We recommend viewing the TUTORIAL option. Here you will learn how to handle your account without obligation. How to deposit money, play games or bet live on football matches. Or how to find the results of sporting events.

If you decide to deposit money into your account, select Deposit and the system will open screen again, where you can choose how to deposit your money.

By logging into your Bet9ja account, bet9ja you have easy access to information about betting conditions, rules, or how to become a Bet9ja representative, or the choice for webmasters to advertise Bet9ja Nigeria. Learn about safe betting. The procedure involves answering several questions that may reveal a possible addiction to gambling.

It is only up to you on what betting event you put your money today. Is it England: Premier League, or LaiLiga or SerieA ?

A very interesting option is Super9ja Nigeria. If you guess six accurate football matches, then you win 10,000,000 NGN. If you do not guess all the results and you will be among the top 20 players according to the agreed results you will win. It is based on matches of the English, German, Italian and bet9ja Spanish leagues. Just confirm the PLAY NOW Bet9ja option.

How to play Super9ja ? Check and win !

Super9ja can be played for free. You don’t have to deposit any money. You just enter the scores for each match. And gambling then just wait for the win! You can easily share your tips at the bottom of the page.

You can also bet on virtual matches. Before choosing this option, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules and virtual football matches. Without the knowledge of this environment we do not recommend betting.

Don’t forget to log out after the game !!!

Available deposit and withdrawal methods on Bet9ja Nigeria

Payment Methods



GT Bank




Providus Bank

Bank Deposit

Stanbic IBTC

ATM Instant Card Dependent

Withdrawal methods

Withdrawal – Within 24 Banking Hours, Min: 5,000 Max: 9,999,999

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