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If you love soccer ,you will definitely want to make money from what you love and that’s why you need either guides, tricks or rather bet9ja cheat 2019 . This article is worth checking as regards to cheat to win bet9ja, bet9ja secret of winning bet9ja,how to win bet9ja virtual , bet9ja league cheat and other simple tricks to on how to win bet9ja everyday.

It is important to know that this article is just information guide on how to play and bet9ja win ? bet9ja but before then, let’s know what bet9ja is all about.How To Play Bet9ja Online And Win Every Day

When you want to play Bet9ja online and win it, you need to have account on and for you to do that, you have to visit and gambling click on

Register . When you click on register, you will be taken to the registration page where you will be asked to fill your email. Enter your email and accept their terms and conditions and finally click on the green button labeled Register.

They will send you email for you to confirm. It is adviceable to use your valid email and I suggest using gmail . Check your email and confirm it. When you are done with the account creation, log in and begin your journey of betting. If you already have an account on Bet9ja, you don’t need to follow the above guide just login and gambling start betting immediately.

I will still give you some tips and tricks to use and be winning your prediction each day you play Bet9ja but before then, let’s see how to play bet9ja virtual soccer.

How To Play Bet9ja Virtual Everyday [Win Daily Prediction]

This is how to play bet9ja virtual soccer and gambling am going to focus on mobile because many people are using mobile devices to play their virtual bet.

Bet9ja virtual league is made up of 16 teams. They play a total of 30 matches . Each match day provides you with a game of eight matches. Each match lasts not more than 3 minutes. A season lasts for 2 hours. You will see all the matches on the same day as the game.

Just like I said earlier, matches are organised, mimic and created using algorithm or artificial intelligence which provides the independent results.

To play virtual Bet9ja, you need to locate the game you want to play, once you identify the game, you have to choose the odds of the game, where you want to place a bet. You just to choose right or bet9ja left. After that, you just choose the bet. Click on the “place your bets” button and you will get the bet slip at once . If your bet slip went well, your account will be automatically acknowledged.

Latest Guide To Win Bet9ja Prediction Everyday [Best Latest Ultimate Tips]

Guides To Win Bet9ja Soccer Predictions

Winning bet9ja everyday is very possible but it depends on many factors. I am going to address these factors as possible as I can to help you win Bet9ja if not daily, at least once in a weak. Some factors that affect winning Bet9ja soccer prediction includes but not limited to:

You may be wondering how do the above affects winning your Bet9ja soccer prediction. Let’s see simple hack here as we explain


Knowledge affects your winning of Bet9ja soccer prediction but how? In case you don’t know, ignorance is a deadly disease that’s why you need to have knowledge. You can’t win Bet9ja if you don’t know what is being done there. How do you intend to harvest where you have not planted? A sound knowledge of is needed if you really want to win your soccer prediction including virtual game. I will still show you how you can do that but let’s look at smartness.


Smartness affects your winning of Bet9ja soccer prediction just as knowledge do. You can still win bet9ja if you are not smart but one who has both the knowledge and is smart at the same time is at a better position to win Bet9ja. Just as smartness is needed in our everyday activities, playing Bet9ja is one of these numerous activities you have to be smart. I will still give you tip on that but let’s proceed to the next factor.


You will see two people doing the same thing at the same time using exactly the same method but only one will succeed, that’s the power of luck. If you are lucky, you are likely to win your Bet9ja league without any cheat. A lucky person may not be smart or even have the knowledge but will definitely win just because he is lucky.


Patience is very important in life which implies that you have to be persistence and focus. You don’t just quit simply because you have tried earlier and it didn’t work out. Impatient is one of the things that have made some people to miss out on playing and winning Bet9ja.

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