How To Deposit Money On Bet9ja With Quickteller

For bet9ja you to be looking for anything on Quickteller Bet9ja, that must mean you already know how to play and are about placing your bets on BetNaija app, mobile site or website.

But if you are still at the stage of learning how to play Bet9ja you can do that here. I gave a practical step by step guide. After which we can now talk about a fast and easy way to fund your Bet9ja account using Quickteller.

You want to know a secret?

I revealed the top four methods of how to win on Bet9ja. It will be wise of you to take a look and see how others have applied it to win.

So how do I fund my bet9ja account through Quickteller?

Sounds too good?

I’m not going to let you take a dive into this online payment platform without giving you the pros and cons of this deposit method.

You just keep reading.

You must be eager for me to get back to how to deposit money into your Bet9ja account

It’s very easy!

But you’ll need a Quickteller account. Although it’s not completely necessary. Do you want my advice? Get one!

Now go to or download the Quickteller app from the Google Play Store or App Store and set up your own account.

If you already have an account, or you just created one as I advised, let’s go ahead and deposit some money into it so you can use it to transfer to your Bet9ja site.

Say what now!

I should teach you how to deposit money (or eCash) to your Quickteller account?

Alright, fine. Let me highlight that.

– From the Quickteller app, click “Receive Money”

– Select eCash

– Enter the amount of money you want to deposit and click “Continue”

– Enter your bank card details (card number, expiry date, CVV, and gambling PIN)

– Click “Pay” to complete the transaction.

Well, there is what is called Quickteller Paypoint.

What is Quickteller Paypoint?

It’s the trade name for IFIS (Interswitch financial inclusion services) Agent locations. In English, it means a one-stop-shop where all the products/services provided by IFIS Ltd can be accessed and purchased.

So this gives you another option to fund your account via any of the Quickteller Paypoints located in different parts of Nigeria.

You’ll find these guys handy when you are having trouble with your internet connection or bank network.

How to deposit at a Quickteller Paypoint

Just walk up to the outlet, give your details and the cash you want to deposit to the Quickteller agent. He/she will complete the transaction for you.

Note: sports betting you do not have to register on the Quickteller platform to fund your betting account via this gateway.

However, if you wish to use the e-wallet function, you must sign up on Quickteller and activate your eCash wallet.

Now let’s get back to Bet9ja.

This betting company is one of the biggest in Nigeria.

They are renowned for their large sportsbook, diverse betting options, and overall quality service.

Have you seen their site?

It is loaded with numerous betting features, bet9ja including live betting and cash out.

And if you’re a Nigerian bookmaker, Bet9ja allows you to fund your betting accounts in Naira and offers a plethora of deposit methods, and the Quickteller option is one of them.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like awoof?

That is one great reason to join this betting site.

Your welcome bonus on Bet9ja gets you double of your first deposit, up to a maximum of N100,000!

So how do you fund your bet9ja account with Quickteller?

Here it is!

Just go to the deposit page and select “Quickteller Online Instant Deposit”.

Did you see a link that takes you directly to the Bet9ja payment page on the Quickteller website? Click it.

– When you reach the Quickteller website:

– Enter your bet9ja user ID and the amount of money you wish to deposit.

– Choose whether you want to use your bank card or your eCash wallet

– Fill in your card details

– Click pay to complete your transaction

– Your bet9ja account will be credited instantly.

If it’s on desktop, there is a ₦25 + 1.25% up to ₦50 charge for deposits.

Whereas on mobile there is a ₦100 + 1.25% up to ₦50 charge for deposits.

But what makes Quickteller a great deposit method?

If something is that good, there no need for too much talk. I’ll just list it.

– It’s an easy-to-use platform

– You get instant payment

– No need for sports betting bank cards and bank accounts

– No minimum deposits


– Easy to use platform

– Instant payment

– No need for bank cards & bank accounts

– No minimum deposits


– Complicated account creation procedure

– Costly transfers fees: Around ₦100 per transfer

– Not accepted by some international betting sites

Quickteller is an online payment solution that allows Nigerians to transfer money.

One of its most common uses is also to make deposits on betting sites and is accepted by a number of betting sites in Nigeria.

Do I get a welcome bonus when I deposit with Quickteller?

Yes, you will get a welcome bonus regardless of the deposit method.

So whether you want to deposit with Quickteller, VISA card, OPay or any other deposit method, you will get your welcome bonus.

Is it expensive to use Quickteller?

No, using Quickteller is not very expensive.

However, there are a few fees you need to pay when using the platform.

For example, you will be paying ₦100 convenience fee for every transaction you make.

Is Quickteller safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use.

Quickteller is owned and operated by the Interswitch Group, which is a pan-African financial operator based right here in Nigeria. They have a strong reputation for integrity and providing solid digital payment solutions for Africans all over the continent.

Be certain that your money is very safe in the hands.

How long does it take to deposit with Quickteller?

Money transfers are instant – I mean, it’s in the name: QUICK TELLER!

What is the minimum deposit with Quickteller?

You can deposit as little as ₦100.

So basically, if you have ₦100, you can start betting in Nigeria.

Can I withdraw money from a betting site with Quickteller?

Generally, sports betting no. Most – if not all betting sites in Nigeria process withdrawals to a bank account.

Your Turn

Now that you know everything about Quickteller Bet9ja and how to use it, it’s time to give it a try and make your first deposit and start online betting.

Go ahead and sign up with Bet9ja – or any other betting site that accept Quickteller, deposit some money into your account and claim your welcome bonus.

Don’t just stop there, start betting!

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