How To Fund Your Bet9ja Account Using ATM Quickteller Option

How to Fund your Bet9ja Account – Learn how to use ATM Quickteller option to fund your Bet9ja Account. You can always keep your account up and running with this Payment option.

Since I became an Online Bet9ja gamer, gambling Funding the account has always been my major bet9ja obstacle. The pain of going to the Bank and standing on a queue was not helping at all. There was a time I couldn’t place a bet because I ran out of Funds. I had to rush to the Bank to fund my account. Before I could finish funding the account, 3 matches out of my game was already lost. I lost #20,000 that day. Sometimes I would only realize that am out of funds only on Sundays. Banks don’t work on Sundays, so I will always loose money.Related Articles

It was a Friend that introduced me to this funding option. I tried it and it worked out for gambling me. I was so glad that I can now fund my Bet9ja account anytime and much faster as well. It was so cool that I decided to share this article on how to Fund your Bet9ja account with You Guys.

Bet9ja account funding is only available for Online gamers. If you are an offline better, move over to online betting for a better betting experience. If you want to have your online account, go on to How to Open Bet9ja Account – 9jaBet Online Betting

Before moving down to the ATM stand, you should have two things with you apart from your ATM card.

1. Your Bet9ja ID – To locate this, bet9ja sign in to your account. Your ID is on the top right corner of the page. Please do not attempt to cram it. Write it down.

2. Bet9ja Merchant code (04226901)

See how to fund your Bet9ja account using your ATM Quickteller option. It is not all ATM that supports this payment option. If your Bank don’t support this, please make use of other Bank ATM that does support it.

– Move down to the ATM Stand

– Insert your ATM card and input your 4-digit PIN

– Select Quickteller, bet9ja Fund other wallet or bet9ja Pay Bills depending on the option available

– Select OTHERS from the Merchant List displayed

– Enter Bet9ja merchant code (04226901)

– Enter your Bet9ja ID no. Your Name and other Identity will be displayed. If you don’t recognize the name, cancel the transaction. Retype your ID to show your Name. When your Name appears, you can now proceed.

– Enter the Amount you wish to Deposit

– Select your Account type and select Pay.

– Your account is now Funded.

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