Kune SOname: Owner Of Bet9ja-Biography:Age, Net Worth, Wife, Facts

In a bid to further his academic career, he studied Political science in Lagos State University (LASU) and graduated in 1996.

After, he dabbled into politics in October 2003 where he was elected as the Executive Chairman of Ikosi-Isheri Local Council, a post he held for 8 years.

He is a politician by profession and an entrepreneur but with passion for sports, majorly, football. A big achievement of his, is the founding of bet9ja.

Founding Bet9ja- KC gaming Network Limited

He is the chairman of bet9ja, with a trade name; KC gaming Network Limited, a betting website in Nigeria, which he founded in 2013. The sportsbook website is registered under the Lagos State Lottery Board, having its headquarters located in Lagos.

The sports mogul has not only put up with investments but since his youthful days in school, he has shown keen interest in sports. He poured out his energy in numerous school tournaments, such as the Principal’s Cup, Soname was a great football player in his school days.

Kunle Soname was a politician before he established his sports betting company.

From October 2003 to October year 2011 he was appointed President of the Ikosi-Isheri Local Council, State of Lagos.

It can be recalled that he was instrumental in rebuilding and renovation of the Boarder Stadium in Olowora, Isheri, Lager during his tenure in office.

After his time as President of Isheri, he launched his Bet9ja gambling website.

Bet9ja was launched on 10 September 2013 and was developed by Kunle Soname.bit.ly It turned out eventually to be a massive success for the sports investor.

Since then, it has spread far and wide across Nigeria. The betting platform has continually improved by creating an avenue for 100% reward for new customers as stake bonuses when they register, also, the winning potential for betters has increased to 40 million.

Bet9ja has lots of branches over the country, it has actively involved lots of youth; providing employment to over 10,000, thereby making it the leading sport betting brand in Nigeria. Rarely can you see a Nigerian youth who has never heard of bet9ja.

Soname’s Bet9ja was, according to Google, Nigeria’s second most highly visited web site last year. Because of its strong promotion leading to more patronage among the locals, the organization aims to retain a huge number of young Nigerians with more than 5000 agents nationwide.

He is a philanthropist, who particularly respects and his home town; Remo, that he raised a football club there, by the name Remo Stars. This football club was formerly called FC DENDER in 2004. The club now plays in the Nigerian Premier League’s top division.

Kunle Soname was the first Nigerian to own a European Club; Clube Desportivo Feirense, he bought this club in 2016.

Bet9ja has sponsored many entities like the big brother Naija and many more.bit.ly In 2015, bet 9ja officially sponsored the Nigeria National League(NNL), also, he made Victor Ikpeba the brand ambassador of Bet9ja that same year.

The founding of this betting platform has tremendously yielded him millions, even though it’s a gamble-like establishment that focuses mainly on football.

When Big Brother Naijas ‘Pepper Dem Season’ was revealed, the bet company was the official sponsor for the reality television series, public interest was gathered as the Nigerian betting firm was ready to attract global exposure.

In January 2019 Bet9ja was confirmed to take over from Eyo Bassey’s Payporte as the sponsor of Big Brother Naija’s ongoing season.

Soname is a discreet businessman, unlike the owners of other sports betting firms. He’s one of the few billionaire investors in Nigeria to secretly give their job a glorious chance to exemplify their business intelligence and dexterity.

With almost 100 percent of Bet9ja co-owned by KC Game Networks Limited, Kunle Soname’s net equity is about $100 million. It’s easy to tell.

His progress in the sports sector in the country is certainly a pattern for other sports companies in Nigeria.

The insightful sportsman plays a part in soccer promotion in Nigeria and is also a significant player in helping Nigerian leagues and clubs obtain sponsorship. He is a pioneer who maintains that sports fans from around the world will love Nigerian football more and that he attracts corporate bodies at the same time.

Establishment of Remo Stars Football Club

In 2004 he established Remo Stars (previously FC DENDER of Lagos) Football Team.

Now it’s in the highest tier of the Nigerian Premier League. The football club has since been rebranded and moved to Lagos.

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