Top 5 Best Logo Designer On Fiverr

There is a plethora of resources available for freelancers and small businesses, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right service. If you’re looking for quality logo design, then look no further than Fiverr.

I’m happy to say that there are many talented designers on this site that will provide you with the perfect logo at an affordable price!

The best part about these services? They come with unlimited revisions so if your designer doesn’t get it just right on their first try, they will do as many drafts as needed until you are satisfied!

You’ll also receive a transparent watermark in all files which lets clients know who created your masterpiece – another bonus of using Fiverr’s Logo Services.An important part of the identity is the company’s logo. It’s very critical to get it right. The first move is to pick the best logo designer for the job, of course.

When considering the number of options you have online, this is easier said than done. There is no shortage of able designers out there ready to take on the project, from existing graphic design agencies to freelancers working anywhere in the world. However, Fiverr is an excellent marketplace to find talented designers

Offering packages to match any budget. And that’s exactly what we’ve looked at in the round-up of this top 5 analysis.

A selection of some of the top-ranked designers with outstanding reviews can be found below. For a peek at our top 5, just head to the table below. Keep on reading for a thorough overview of each designer, plus a quick buyer’s guide.

Best Logo Designer on Fiverr


PackageOne Minimalist logo with High-Resolution JPEG and Transparent PNG$55Find Moreprevew

Basic Package

2 logo concept & choose 1 from it + 3000px JPG & PNG

$25Find Moremrgrapix

Bronze Package1 Original Concept Design (2000px with 300dpi Vector). Free Source file & Mockup.

$100Find Morelogosking BASIC LOGO DESIGN

1 Concept: JPG PNG 2000 X 1500 pixels

$30Find Moredrinidesign Standard Package1 logo version, jpeg, and png in high resolution ai vector source file, mock-up, 2 revisions.

$60Find More

Fiverr Logo Design – The Reviews

Low Budget Logo Design Services

1.prevew Basic Package

Fiverr Gig title :I will design artistic polygon letter logo

About the gig :

This logo design service is offered as a package that includes 3 complete logos, unlimited revisions to ensure the logos fit the need of the client, image files in the PNG and JPEG formats, a vector file, and the source file.This logo design service is offered as a package that includes 3 complete logos, unlimited revisions to ensure the logos fit the need of the client, image files in the PNG and JPEG formats, a vector file, and the source file.

He is well rated according to his bio-and-profile page where he has received more than 723 good reviews and a rating of 4.9.

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Medium Budget Logo Design Services

1.creativeman_af Starter Package

Fiverr Gig title :I will design creative modern and technology logo

This is the standard logo design package offered by a professional graphic designer and branding expert based in Pakistan.

Logo designs include Typography Logos and logos that can be integrated into FAV and App icons. Also provided are a premium vector file along with its source file, as well as 2 complete logo concepts.


Fiverr Gig Title :I will do a minimalist logo design for your business

This is the standard logo design package offered by a professional graphic designer and branding expert based in India. Plus point is he is a Fiverr choices seller. He has the badge.

Check the Gig

3.drinidesign Standard Package

Fiverr Gig title:I will design heraldic and luxury vintage logo

This is the standard logo design package offered by a professional graphic designer and branding expert based in Albania.

High Budget Logo Design Services

1.mrgrapix Bronze Package

Fiverr Gig title :I will design creative and professional text logo design

This is the standard logo design package offered by a professional graphic designer and branding expert based in Sri Lanka.

This package comes bundled with 3D mockup files and 2 high-quality logos that are provided in both PNG and JPEG formats with their resolutions being 300dpi and the image size averaging 2000pixels x 2000pixels.

Check him

Fiverr Verified Pro Gigs

These are some of the most pricey logo design services that are being offered by some of the best logo designers in Fiverr.

These designers have been verified as reputable, reliable, and competent; and in this review, some of the top 3 designers among them have been chosen for appraisal.

They are also the most trusted logo designers, and Fiverr adds to their credibility by attaching the ‘Pro Gig Verified’ badge to their profile pages. Their charges exceed USD950 per gig.

Affordable Logo Design – A Buyer’s Guide

The importance of brand identity

The logo, alongside the name of a brand, are the 2 key elements that define brand identity.

Brand identity is analogous to human identity with the brand name being analogous to the name of a person, while the logo is analogous to the face of that person.

Expectedly, the logo serves as a visual memory aid (or mental picture) for one to identify the brand, just as the face of a person is a powerful memory aid to the identity of that person.

Moreover, in a highly competitive niche market that is populated by many brands offering the same product, the logo serves as the most prominent aid that allows customers to visually differentiate the different brands.

Centre stage – your business logo

During the process of brand identity formation, the brand logo is conceived after the brand name has been settled upon.

This is also important for

another reason – the logo could be the brand name written in a very ornate typeset, for example, coca-cola.

In fact, this is implied by its name as logo is nothing but an abbreviation of the word logotype.

Familiarity helps create customer loyalty

In the present-day advertisement sector that is choked with cut-throat competition, brand identity design and brand qualities assume the central roles in creating consumer loyalty.

This is because a quality product entices a customer to buy it again, with the brand identity design allowing the customer to quickly figure out the brand logo from the myriad billboard advertisements that dock the shopping hall or bazaar.

Getting the logo right

A logo can be judged as influential or non-influential depending on how it relates to the human psyche. In general, humans first look before they read, and this applies to the brand of a company, with a good logo being well designed to capture the attention of anyone looking at it, and in the process impel the observer to read the brand name, tag-line, or list of products on offer.

A good logo must not only be influential but must also be relevant to the product being marketed as well as appropriate to the target audience.

The job of the logo designer

It is therefore evident that the job of a logo designer is to condense the essence of a product or brand, and then visually represent it as a set of colors and shapes, which is basically the logo.

A good logo designer must be creative and well versed with the color theory, as well as possess 2 key skill-sets, design skills and practical problem-solving skills.

These skills allow the designer to customize, adapt, and enhance a logo design to make it possess superior aesthetic qualities while remaining relevant and memorable to both the brand and the targeted customer base.

Even so, for one to identify these skill-sets in a logo designer, he/she must have worked with the designer for some time, or should have heard or read a good recommendation.

However, how can one identify a good logo designer just from their interaction?

What makes a good logo designer?

A good logo designer focuses on gaining an insight into the essence of the business or brand that requires a logo.

This usually compels the designer to ask the business or brand manager several key questions such as;

– What does the business do?

– How is the product unique from its competitors?

– And what does the business or brand value most about themselves or the product?

– These guiding questions reveal that the designer is serious about finding out the essence of the brand or product. Next, the designer should be able to sketch the logo on a sketchpad so that one can see if the logo is relevant and visualizes the essence of a brand.

Moreover, a competent and creative designer can describe the rationale behind the choice of the sketch.

The brand logo must be designed for easy recall, and this calls for simplicity as a non-complicated, non-detailed logo can be recalled quickly even after an initial quick glance.

Therefore, a simple, well-designed logo can enhance brand recognition, while showcasing a visual difference between its typography – and color palette – and the equivalent schemes in the logos of competitors.

Why use Fiverr?

As this article has demonstrated, one of the best places to find a logo designer or get an affordable logo design is the online freelancer marketplace called Fiverr.

Fiverr supports the online outsourcing of jobs with its escrow-supported payment system ensuring that one only pays for work that has been done to satisfaction.

In Fiverr, logo design services are offered by freelance designers who market their skills and competencies in their profiles and career biographies.

Even so, there are many freelance designers and their quality of work differs greatly. This requires one to review, and if possible cross-check, the credentials of the designers as well as review a sample of their works.

However, this can be tedious.

Which is exactly why we created this guide. We hope you have benefited by having your search scope narrowed down to 5 of the best logo designers in Fiverr.

The Fiverr logo services we recommend can help you create a strong brand. Whether your company is just starting out or has been around for decades, it’s important to invest in professional branding materials that will set you apart from the competition and generate more sales.

We hope this roundup of our favorite logo design services on Fiverr helps get you started with creating a new logo, marketing material, etc.

If there are any other questions about these logos or how they work please contact us!

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